4 Major Problems with Renovation – Solution Inside!!!

4 Major Problems with Renovation – Solution Inside!!!

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4 Major Problems A Home Owners Can Face With Renovation

Renovation work is often a stressful thing for many home owners. From planning out what you want to renovate and what you’d like to turn it into to the materials that are even being used, there are many points of concern. To top it off there may even be issues during the renovation process or even after it.

But don’t worry, below we share some of the major problems that you can face, but also how you can address them before they even happen!

1. Budget
Renovation Budget

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At some point in time, there will always be an issue with money during the renovation process. That being said, it’s particularly troublesome when you run into budget problems during the renovation.

In many cases a home owner’s renovation process is expensive and often times the home owners are left unhappy in the end. Whether they have gone over budget and got lower quality work out of it or they’re generally unhappy about the results, there is plenty of options to try and fix it.

The first big thing to consider is get estimates from various contractors. Know what you are getting, what materials they will be using, and how much it’ll all cost. Estimates are more than likely exact price exact unless some unexpected costs occur during the renovation.

Furthermore, make sure you stick to your budget, don’t waiver from it if a contractor is asking for more upfront.

In our group, www.jomeco.design we provide BUDGET COSTING guide to our entire customer. This is to ensure that they are aware of their spending and it serves as a reminder to them of their budget. Besides that, we do advise customer to keep 10% from their overall budget in order for some additional unexpected item that need to be add on. With this, customer can manage the renovation budget accordingly.

2. Contractor Problems
General Contractors Regina SK

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Maybe money isn’t the issue, but perhaps it’s the contractor themselves. This could be either they are missing altogether, or they are outright unprofessional. Whatever the case is, it can be a headache to deal with this problem and it’ll surely lead to some poor quality work.

To avoid this, you want to take steps in interviewing the contractor. You are hiring them to do a job and you want to make sure the applicant can do the job. This means asking them questions about their creditability, what sort of work they have done in the past and if they can get access to previous client’s phone number to call them. These are all steps to know what sort of person you are dealing with whether they are the real deal or a waste of your money.

As for Jomeco, we had a contractor team that responsible and trustworthy. Engaging them will reduce much headache that maybe cause by the contractor, ie: liaise or discussion with contractor. Jomeco team will take the responsibilities to liaise with the contractor to ensure the home owner had a peace of mind during the renovation period.

Most importantly, you are aware that the contractors are assign by Jomeco rather than picking up randomly from nowhere. In Jomeco, we are committed to ensure all our customers are happily moving into their dream home.

3. Renovation Time
Under Renovation

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Another common issue that home owners face is the amount of time it takes to renovate. In some cases, it can take longer than anticipated and that can delay plans amongst other things.

While the cause for delays can be plenty from unexpected issues, unfavourable weather in the area, amongst other things, there’s no real way to prevent this. Some contractors will under estimate the time. This doesn’t put their competence into question; it’s simply a human error.

For Jomeco, we believe in working together with the customer. What you can do though to help out is provide as much detail to your plans as possible, especially at the early stage (before any drawing). This will be safe up much of the time of altering the drawings.

Aditionally, most of the delays are at the discussion stage whereby disagreement between the family or couple. Don’t worry, this is common and you are no different from anyone. Jomeco team will try fulfilled everyone requirement and make it even better. It also helps a lot to stay true to the renovation work you desire and not change it part ways. Once confirmed, we may proceed the job smoothly and as per schedule.

4. Material Quality
Stencil Default 3

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The last major problem is a problem that you’ll see months or years after the renovation work and that is material quality. At the time, if the material isn’t durable, it will eventually break and cause some issues. It may cause problems initially in the renovation work, but often times the material will break after all the work is complete and you are using the space now.

One way to ensure that you avoid this issue is to check what material is used and make sure the contractors are using those materials. The material used will be outlined in the contract so use it as a reference to determine if they’re using the right material for the job or if they are cutting corners. We will be showing and proposing to customer the material so that customer does understand the quality of the material being use.

Best of all: No more argument, no more headaches.

To fixing all of these problems is by hiring us here at Jomecowood. We specialize in providing Interior Design consultation, solid wood work top, solid wood furniture, carpentry work, stainless steel kitchen carcass and many more. In Jomeco, we provide varies services ranging from Full Interior Design Consultation; Design and Build until only supplying solid wood furniture and worktop, solid wood wall paneling, customize stainless steel kitchen set, wardrobe and any carpentry work.

Our designers had combine the material of solid Wood and Steel, in our MODERN LUXE SERIES is a specially designed for long term cost efficient due to it’s high durability and its easy maintenance. We also bring trained professionals to help you along the way.

For more information, you may visit https://jomeco.design/contactus/ for more detail information.

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