Caring for Wood

Unbelievably easy steps to keep your solid wood in TOP condition!

Solid wood ages beautifully and, if you look after it, can last for generations to come. We would also recommend that you oil the solid wood top on a 6 months to yearly basis depending on its usage.

Upkeep your wood top

Over time your wood top can start to look tired and aged but we can show you how to easily rejuvenate it to get it looking as fresh as new. So here up some simple steps to keep your wood top looking good!

  • 1. Light sanding throughout the worktop.

    2. Wipe with a clean dry cloth. Moisten the worktop by wiping a light coat of jomeco Verdure Oil on the worktop surface.

    3. After 20 Minutes, thoroughly wipe off the excess oil that has not been absorded by the woodtop with a dry clouth.

    4. Keep dry and do not utilise the woodtop for 2 days to maximise the oil penetration.

    5. On the 3rd day, do a water drop test to determine if your woodtop needs further treatment.

    6. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the worktop surface. If the worktop is saturated with water pearls like it would on a newly waxed car, the oil treatment is successful.

    7. If the water is absorbed into the wood top, please repeat steps 1 to 6 again.

  • Scratches can happen on all kind of surfaces including woodworks. However, the marks or scratches can be easily remedied by following a few simple steps that can allow you to save cost, time and maintain the quality of our products professionally on your own.

    Depending on the density of the woodwork and evaluation of the damage, it is recommended to sand the surface with 600 grit sand paper for light scratches and 360 grit sand paper for deeper scratches.

    After sanding, application of jomeco Verdure Oil will further protect the woodwork surfaces.

    If the worktop has an overhang without cabinets underneath, it is advised to apply jomeco Verdure Oil on both sides of the worktop to keep the moisture content even to prevent bending or shrinkage.