Damansara Height’s Bungalow

Kuala Lumpur, WP

Full-blown earthier aesthetics: wood & steel.

The WOW factor- rusted metal delivers both warm and cool properties: warm by its rusty,reddish hue and rough texture; cool because of its hard surface and cold steel.

This earthy bungalow rocks with its mix of metal, stone, glass and wood design elements. Its hard to pinpoint just one eye-catching corner of this bungalow because it is layered with different styles, textures and materials throughout interior and exterior, evoking a very relax, warm and welcoming feel. But the most impressive of the design touches in this house is arguably the rustic metal wall panelling & doors, which were left out to rust and then sealed once there were the right amount of rust before installation.

Wood :
Kitchen island, Dressing island, Bed head, Bed frame, TV console, Bar top, Bookshelves, Bathroom mirrors, Door arch, Entrance wood panelling, Staircase, Handrails, Wood flooring, Barn doors, Study table, Canopy, Side Table, Kitchen door.

Cabinet: Kitchen cabinets, Wardrobe, Bathroom cabinet, Wall rustic metal panelling.

Wood: American Walnut, Wenge,  Oak, Walnut Veneer, Nyatoh wood, Chengal wood.

Cabinet: Premium acrylic, Stainless steel, Powder coated black steel frames, Kompacplus top, Clear glass sliding doors, BLUM accessories, Melamine colour carcass.

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