Croisserie Artisan Bakery

The vital 5:
Cement, Stone, American Walnut, Glass and Metal

Fresh loaves and bakery treats are presented alongside 5 vital materials at this beautiful bakery in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, by Jomeco.

Chef KenJ is a baker, food professional, and the master chef in this bakery. He has always had a love for bakery designs in Japan. His love of slick classics, paired with modern wood and steel design choices, led to this heart-warming, artisanal bakery.

Jomeco was invited to design and refurbish this space. Together with Chef KenJ, we created the design from scratch and managed the entire project until the final result you can see in the pictures.

This space was comprehensively refurbished and also improved functionally and structurally. A harmonious combination of different materials, objects, and design elements put a character to this space. The construction aimed to enhance the aesthetic of this space, meanwhile rescuing Chef KenJ’s memories in Japan.

What We Did.

  • Mansory work, demolished and rebuilt
  • Signboard
  • Outdoor sitting area with wood decking
  • Solid wood work
  • Front door in aluminium glass auto open design
  • Stainless steel cabinet for kitchen and display
  • Solid wood staircase and glass handrail
  • Lighting
  • Front sales counter with glass bread showcase
  • Solid wood bread tray and serving boards

3D Visuals vs Reality

the Character

Cement, stone, glass and metal are the key materials but the addition of American walnut offers the bakery a distinctly warm and depth. The materials are simple, but the textures are rich.

The new interior is a brand new concept. Besides aesthetic, Jomeco aimed to create cozy interiors that would prompt visitors to stay inside for a little longer than usual while on their daily bakery round, and it can be done with the use of the vital 5 materials, and a multitude of other details such as colors, furniture, and lighting. 

In the new design, white bricks and cement walls reinforce the sense of infinity.

The delectable bakery display is made of glass and aluminum extrusion, combined with a warmer palette of materials such as stone and American walnut and installed throughout the key merchandising area.

American walnut and black metal retail shelving add another visual layer and complete the ambience.

One cafe’s seating is positioned opposite the serving counter, and a few at the entrance.

Bespoke American Walnut solid staircase creates a quiet, neutral yet dynamic atmosphere.

A concrete look floor adds a subtle touch of modernity and industrial vibe.

To make the bakery stand out, Jomeco used both diverse lighting and natural lighting effect in this space.

Black kitchen

This space has been designed as a continuous space, where the kitchen and service area are divided by a sliding glass door, with the wish to allow customers to watch the baker at work as they prepare every loaf, croissant and tart, added to the authenticity of the experience.

The kitchen is painted black calm and chic. Black has a personality that stands the test of time and gives this kitchen a very on-trend feel. Combined with wood and steel, this kitchen is inviting!

The layout is well-planned with organised workstations, all the essential are within reach to ensure smooth work flow.

First impression.

Big B&W signboard.
Wood and steel seatings.

All photos are taken two years after the project completion.