Mr. Tan’s Elmina

A Modern Double Storey Corner Lot
with Mid-Century Charm and
Touch of Steel.

Jomeco knows how to play with different materials and colors.  The overall enchanted mid-century palette provides plenty of opportunities for the homeowners, Mr Tan and his wife, Elaine to layer in colors and texture through carefully selected arts and decors, furniture, and lighting.

One of the biggest draws of this space is the brilliant use of mixed materials and colors to create BALANCE. Jomeco clad in different materials – solid wood, quartz and steel – with longevity and timelessness in mind.

What We Did.

Interior design and masonry work:
-Extention work: Build a mezzanine floor, ventilation block walls, and vinyl tiles floor; plywood laminated door, staircase steps in local wood top, partition wall for underneath staircase for storage, fixed glass window panel.
-Ventilation block for areas like backyard, dry kitchen, and foyer
-Solid red brick walls for areas like bedrooms, and dry kitchen
-Refurbish 2X bathrooms
-Cement wall rendering & supply and install premium Korea’s vinyl tiles
-Awning for laundry area (metal structure with poly carbonate)
-Painting for the whole house
-Wiring work, A/C work and etc.

-Dry kitchen top: Walnut 20mm
-Bar counter top: Waltnut 20mm
-Custom made metal shelves at master bedroom with Oak wood
-Working Table, Walnut 20mm
-Solid wood cloth hangers

-Shoe & display cabinet at foyer (melamine color carcass with special glass door profile and metal frame)
-Bar counter at underneath staircase (melamine white carcass, bronze mirror door, metal shelves with wood, melamine frame for mirror)
-Dry & wet kitchen (melamine white carcass, spray paint door for dry kitchen, melamine door for wet kitchen, quartz stone top for wet kitchen).
-Bedroom Wardrobes (melamine white carcass, swing and sliding door)
-Master bathroom vanity cabinet

Designer hand knobs
Sliding doors

Dining Table, Study Table, TV console.

RM 280k – 350k

3D Visuals vs Reality

3D Jomecowood Solidwood Kitchen CabinetryJomecowood-Solidwood-Kitchen-Cabinetry-03-scaled

Dining & Kitchen (Dry & Wet)

Proving solid wood top isn’t just for a fancy restaurant, this walnut beauty seamlessly fit in and gives the dry kitchen miles of characters.

Green is not only an on-trend color.

Green is one of the most prevalent colors in nature, so using green cabinets plays an important part in bringing life to the dry kitchen, as seen in this home. The very versatile, durable and WOW-worthy walnut wood countertop blends well with nature’s green. It balances out the polished elements such as the brass kitchen faucet and cabinet door handles, subway tile backsplash, steel shelves, glass windows, and door.

To drive the overall kitchen design further?

Grey kitchen cabinets pairing with bright tone quartz top at the wet kitchen to neutralize and to complete this statement-making space.

3D Jomecowood Solidwood Kitchen CabinetryJomecowood-Solidwood-Kitchen-Cabinetry-04-scaled
3D Jomecowood Solidwood Living Dining Table Kitchen CabinetryJomecowood-Solidwood-Interior-Design-Living-Room-TV-Cabinetry-06-scaled

Foyer & Living Room

Ventilation blocks are the mid-century modern comeback.

The patterned blocks stacked upon each other at the home entryway to make a stunning first impression when visitors step inside the house. Jomeco embraces this kind of styling very much. The black cabinets with a touch of wood color balance out the white blocks and tie everything together nicely.

We admit it:  Low profile furnitures dominate this living room. The minimalistic elements just work. The feature TV wall panels with brass finish profiles are just the perfect mix of modern and classic to add into the design.

Another highlight of the space is the bar counter.

We divide the bar counter into zones. We make shelves and assign each zone to a specific bar essential. We also pair the shelves with green cabinets with walnut wood profiles for knick-knacks and storage, and the wood top is for pouring and mixing elbowroom. Matching old school record player makes the bar counter look put together, for extra personality.

3D Jomecowood Solidwood Cabinetry Wood Steel ShelvesJomecowood-Solidwood-Cabinetry-Wood-Steel-Shelves-scaled

Master Bedroom

Jomeco continues the green paint color to the bedroom’s walls.

Low lighting and red bricks soften the green and make the room feel more intimate.

Ventilation blocks as headboard decor. Not everything is best kept behind closed doors. For Jomeco, open shelving plays an important role in expressing the space. Jomeco adds in wood and steel shelves with a mirror that gives the eye a break from all the green, meanwhile infuse both heart and functionality into the cozy bedroom.

While smaller spaces might sound like a nightmare, the reality is that it is always a better space to get the creative juice flowing. Jomeco makes the most of every available space and manages to squeeze shower area and functional storage into minimal square footage, with style.

3D Jomecowood Solidwood Reading Nook CabinetryJomecowood-Solidwood-Cabinetry-Storage-Reading-Nook-03-scaled

Mezzanine Level

Jomeco able to take the advantage of the height of the ceiling, and builds a mezzanine level (a room for work and privacy) for Mr. Tan. Jomeco doesn’t stop there, the team takes the new layout one step further, using the empty space below the stairways for an additional reading nook and storage cabinetry.

The mezzanine level functions as the workstation for Mr. Tan and nails the balance between public and private.

The stairways are made of steel, so as the frames. The overall character of this space encourages calmness, quietness, and provide ME TIME.

3D Jomecowood Solidwood ToiletJomecowood-Solidwood-Toilet-06-scaled

Green tiles for bathroom.

Green tiles and green paint take over the space.

Jomeco achieves a totally fresh looking bathroom by combining both with a touch of brass. And we all agree that this beautiful bathroom is one everyone can agreen on.

Music is everywhere in the house, even in the bathroom. 


Other thoughtful details and elements of the house that you wouldn’t want to miss any of it.